Water Damage Signs

Water Damage Signs Everyone Should Know

Watch out! Your home and office buildings are in danger. (Relax because we’re not talking about earthquakes or brain-eating zombies here.) But, beware of water damage signs.

So, why do you think I said that homes and buildings are “in danger”? Truth is water damage causes structural damage to a house or even a commercial building.  Water damage is one of the leading causes of molds and the ruining of household items.

Water damage can also affect your health because it increases allergens and causes respiratory problems.  So, it’s best to watch out for the following water damage signs to prevent home and office damage.

Mold Stains and Dark Spots

Do you see mold and wat marks on your home’s ceiling, walls, and floors? Then, you see a sign of water damage. Molds often appear in areas having excessive moisture. You can also see mold stains on dark and undisturbed places.

Once you see these signs, it’s the right time to call a trusted water damage company to help you solve water damage.

Water Dripping 

One of the apparent signs of water damage is dripping water. Observe if you’re having trouble with a faucet or pipes. These are sure signs of implementing water solutions within a building or household.

Wet or Musty Smell

Sometimes, signs of water damage aren’t visible – you smell it. For example, the smell of dampness or rotten wood are signs of leaks behind the wall.  Take note where the damp smell is coming from, and you can determine other signs of water damage.

Sagging or Bowing in Walls and Ceilings

Ceilings and walls should be level and straight. Alright, your home’s walls and ceilings are straight a few years before, but now, you notice that the walls begin to lean in and the ceilings start to sag below. Don’t panic. Call water damage experts right now to solve future water damage issues.

The appearance of Standing Water

Have you noticed a water increase in the kitchen or bathroom? Do you see random puddles in other parts of the house? Then, don’t disregard these signs. These could lead to worse problems in the future. Call trusted water damage experts.  Expect to solve your water damage problems right away through the help of the pros.

Don’t risk the safety of your family or employees. Water damage leads to severe problems that might be difficult to handle. People don’t want to see mold or dark stains in their homes. Health problems due to water damage are hindrances to achieve a happy life.

So, it’s wise to remember water damage signs and prevent worse scenarios from happening. Don’t be afraid when you see water damage signs.

Call trusted water damage professionals today and be satisfied with the result! Say goodbye to molds, stains, and more!